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Sectional times are really the key to successful punting today. Whilst that is a well known fact - most punters cannot understand properly the science of reading them or simply don't have enough time to research any given days racing to work it all out.

Brisbane's biggest bookmaker Brian Ogilvie, now retired, when interviewed recently by Wayne Wilson on Radio TAB said the best professional punter he'd seen was Frank Scarborough who'd been the first one to properly master sectional times thus giving himself an edge over both fellow punters and bookmakers.

I say bookmakers put up "false favourites" every day of the week or bet insanely short prices about horses that are ready to get beaten. Bookmakers have only two things in their favour to beat punters and stay in business and they are;
  1. the many variables of racing and
  2. punters who are ill informed and yet between a) and b) many bookmakers are very wealthy.
Why? Well not many of us can do much about (a) - the variables which we all know like bad barriers, horses being trained too hard or not trained hard enough coming into a race by their trainers, undiagnosed soreness (particularly of shins and joints) prior to the race, poor rides, horse feeling off colour but they can't talk etc.

I’ve always firmly believed that we can do something about acquiring a greater knowledge of sectional times information simply via the repetition of reviewing them weekly. Professionals like top golfers, swimmers or footballers practice all the time – and similarly mastering an understanding of sectional times requires a lot of time and years of practice – so most punters just couldn’t be bothered.

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